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Hong Bao Restaurant
Hong Bao Restaurant
Hong Bao Restaurant
Hong Bao Restaurant

Ramada Plaza Chaofah

Hong Bao Ramada Plaza

  • OPEN OPEN DAILY 11:00 -14.00 and 18.00 - 22:00 hrs.

Say hello to our Hong Bao Ramada Plaza

Acclaimed Cantonese Style Chinese Restaurant “Hong Bao” from Bangkok opens the first branch in Phuket at Ramada Plaza Chaofah Hotel.

Hong Bao is an authentic Cantonese cuisine restaurant that offers eclectic menu in a modern and sophisticated dining environment. Hong Bao uses fresh and seasonal ingredients to present delectable gastronomy, the dishes are always authentic by the highly experienced team from Macao and Canton. In addition, Hong Bao offers genuine chef-crafted whole day dim sum which could crown as “The Best Dim Sum in Town”. Guarantee an unforgettable and excellent restaurant experience you never had before.


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